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We are the leading company in the marketing and treatment of fresh fish in south florida (USA), we have more than 30 years of experience in the market and we continue to grow.

Our differentiating factor is the service. We have the human capital, technology and logistics to manage large volumes of fresh fish in record time, we do it because we value each and every one of our customers and we understand that the freshness and quality of the product are the characteristics that most value the final consumer.

With thousands of pounds of product delivered each month, our company leads the local market by bringing fresh produce to our distributors across the United States. A fleet of trucks moves simultaneously throughout the national territory to deliver large volumes of Grouper, Snaper, Swordfish and Tuna that are later distributed in local stores to healthily feed thousands of families across the United States.


We handle exclusively high quality fish.
We are specialists in the processes of selection, storage and distribution of wholesale fish.

Our Clients

Our reason for being.

At Tropical Marine we focus on distributor service, our strategic location and deep industry experience, allow us to provide our customers with a product of excellent quality and freshness regardless of their location in the United States.

We have the technological infrastructure, human resources and specialized logistics to manage and distribute large volumes of fish.


Distribution of fresh fish in large volumes. Contact us for more information.


Orlando Sandoval
Phone: (786) 331-9850 ext: 2
Email: orlando@tropicalmarine.net

Hiroshi Aono
Phone: (786) 331-9850
Email: hiroshi@tropicalmarine.net


Fish of the highest quality

Our premise is the total satisfaction of the distributors.

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